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Backstage At The ‘America’s Best Dance Crew 2′ Finale

Lyndsey Parker
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Avid America's Best Dance Crew viewers probably know by now that frontrunners SoReal Cru, who never once landed in the bottom two, were trumped at this evening's finale by b-boy underdogs Super Cr3w, who were on the chopping block THREE times before taking the second-season title home tonight in a bit of an upset.

Congrats to them--they earned it.

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Yes, as you can see from the photo above, I was there when Mario Lopez announced the big news tonight, with the residual smoke of the celebratory pyro clogging my lungs and the fallen confetti sprinkled in my hair. Here's Super Cr3w in all their post-victory glory:

S to the chest!

Lil' Mama was also there to help celebrate the triumph of one of the fiercest crews on the show. I was happy to merely celebrate the fierceness of her outfit--just LOOK how absolutely fabulously she was dressed tonight (hence the vertical-format framing of this clip, the better to capture the awesomeness of her Barbie-on-acid ensemble):


But speaking of fierceness...all I really wanted to do tonight was meet Fanny Pak. Yes, I know they only came in third, but as my regular readers know, that hardly stopped me from writing multiple blogs protesting their premature and completely unjust elimination. (It also didn't stop me from wearing an '80s prom dress and fannypack to tonight's finale, as a not-so-subtle form of additional protest.) So I was pretty frickin' psyched when I got to meet my fave crew, compare paint-splattered fannypacks, and rather dorkily tell them how totally rad they are:

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I'm feeling kind of deflated now that the show is over--especially so soon after the equally addictive So You Think You Can Dance wrapped up. But happily, the Tabitha & Napoleon-choreographed America's Best Dance Crew tour (with Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, and HOPEFULLY Fanny Pak) kicks off September 18. And it's already been announced that a THIRD season of ABDC is being rushed into production. Also, "Bachelorette" Deanna Pappas was at tonight's finale with her fiancé Jesse, and she supposedly told Fanny Pak she wants them to dance at her wedding--so I have to figure out some creative wedding-crasher way to snag an invite to that reception.

So matter what, I won't stay sad for long.

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