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Backstage At The ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Tour: The Interviews

Lyndsey Parker
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It was a clash of the So You Think You Can Dance seasons this week, as the season 5 alums sat in on a SYTYCD taping and then the season 6 dancers made a surprise cameo on onstage at the L.A./Nokia Theater date on the SYTYCD tour. It almost got downright confusing, watching Jeanine cheer on Jakob and Phillip root for Legacy and Jason introduce Victor, and so on...but hey, a surplus of SYTYCD is always a good problem to have.

When I had a chance to chat with the season 5 dancers this week backstage at the Nokia Theater--right after they'd watched the season 6 dancers compete at a CBS Studios taping--I of course asked them what they think of the sixth season so far, what it felt like to sit in the studio audience for a change, and what advice they have for the newbies. But we managed to cover some other subjects too, like winner Jeanine's new dancewear clothing line; Evan's opinions on his brother Ryan's season 6 experience and the controversial recent double-elimination of two tap dancers; Kayla's acting aspirations; "Addiction" dancer Kupono's feelings about Mia Michaels' resignation (and yes, how he's perfected his "Addiction" stare, which he delivered on camera upon my command); and what all 12 dancers plan to do, career-wise, once this tour is over.

Check out my SYTYCD tour interviews below, complete with new compound-name billing:

Jeanine & Phillip, aka Philine:

Kupono & Caitlin, aka Caipono:

Brandon & Janette, aka Branette:

Kayla & Evan, aka Kayvan:

Melissa & Ade, aka Adissa:

Randi & Jason, aka Ranson:

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