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Backstage With Nigel & Mary At The ‘SYTYCD’ Finale

Lyndsey Parker
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Melanie Moore was the big winner on this week's "So You Think You Can Dance" finale, receiving a whopping 47 percent of the top four contestants' total vote. And her worthy opponent, runner-up Sasha Mallory, got 32 percent. So yes, for those of you doing the math at home, that means the two girls accounted for SEVENTY-NINE percent of the vote, with just a paltry 21 percent left over for boys Marko Germar and Tadd Gadduang to share. After spending the entire season championing this show's female "beasts"--and receiving a little flak on Wednesday night for rudely telling Tadd and Marko they had no chance of winning--judge and producer Nigel Lythgoe sure must have felt vindicated.

But backstage after the finale, Nigel didn't seem too smug. He freely admitted that Wednesday's underwhelming episode had been a letdown for "SYTYCD" fans, and that he'd been wrong to come down so hard on the boys. (He apologized to Marko and Tadd on Thursday's show, though he swore it was not his little "morons" on Twitter who'd convinced him to do so.) Nigel just had plenty of praise for all the dancers when I spoke to him--and he even revealed that he's already planning to bring some of them back as allstars in Season 9.

Check out my interview with Nigel about this season's finale, along with his always colorful and opinionated fellow judge Mary Murphy's reaction to the finale results.

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