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Backstage With The Top 4 At The ‘SYTYCD’ Season 8 Finale

Lyndsey Parker
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Melanie Moore was the big winner on this week's "So You Think You Can Dance" finale, and in all eight seasons of the show, there had perhaps never been such a frontrunner or shoo-in. (She received a whopping 47 percent of the top four's total vote!) But as Nigel Lythgoe would say, the real winner was dance. The other three contestants in the finale--Sasha Mallory, Marko Germar, and Tadd Gadduang--were also all amazing dancers who were a thrill to watch all season, and I'm sure they'll all go on to fabulous careers...hopefully ones that including appearances as allstars on "SYTYCD" Season 9. (Please, Nigel, make that happen.)

The mood in the "SYTYCD" press area immediately after Thursday's finale was one of celebration and camaraderie; if any of the contestants who lost to Melanie were disappointed, they hid it so well, they're even better actors than Kenny Ortega thought. Between all four dancers there was lots of hand-holding, hugging, fanny-slapping, and mutual admiration. And lots and lots of cuteness. Aw.

Check out the top four's adorable interviews, in which sweet Melanie talks Dirty Dancing, Marko-smooching, and contestant-bonding; Sasha shows off some awesome bling and talks about advice from her friend and fellow reality runner-up Adam Lambert; and Marko and Tadd discuss their future plans (wait till you hear what Tadd will do if he comes back as an allstar).

Yes, the real winner is dance--and anyone who watches the videos below!

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