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Bat Out Of Reality Hell: Meat Loaf’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Meltdown

Lyndsey Parker
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Hell hath no fury like a Meat loaf scorned. "Celebrity Apprentice" viewers, and Gary Busey, learned this lesson the hard way Sunday night, when the "Bat Out Of Hell" rocker went positively batshiz over...wait for it...missing art supplies.

"Motherf***! I bought those motherf***ing sponges!" Meat Loaf howled with a lunacy and intensity usually only demonstrated on this show by, well, Gary Busey, as he accused Gary of sponging his sponges. "You look in my eyes. I am the last person in the f***ing world you ever want to f*** with! You pushed me to the f***ing limit!"

Well, who could blame Meat Loaf, really? Living in such close quarters with Busey could turn any sane man batty; I'm actually shocked that none of Gary's "Celebrity Rehab" castmates ever went off the deep end like this (dealing with Gary could surely make even the most straight-edged 12-stepper relapse). 

OK, so it turned out that Meat's beef was totally unnecessary and uncalled-for, since it was later revealed that his bag of art supplies had actually been sitting in the corner all along and Gary HADN'T pilfered it at all. D'oh! But it was too late...and Meat Loaf had given us a temper tantrum that now ranks right up there in reality-TV history with Tyra Banks's shrieking tirade against "ANTM" contestant Tiffany, Real Housewife Teresa's table-flipping, any number of "Jersey Shore" Ronnie-and-Sammi domestic disputes, or that time "The Bad Girls Club's" baddest bad girl, Tanisha, terrorized her housemates with a pots-and-pans drum circle straight out of the seventh circle of Hell.

And since Meat Loaf was, miraculously, not fired by Donald Trump this week, there may be a Busey/Loaf rematch next Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! So set your DVRs now, people.

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