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The Best ‘X Factor’ Makeovers Revealed

Lyndsey Parker
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Following Tuesday night's announcement of "The X Factor's" top 17 contestants, the show's stylists got right down to work. And judging from some of the resulting stunning makeovers, these people really know what they're doing when it comes to building the perfect pop beast. In fact, a few of the contestants practically look unrecognizable from their humble first auditions, and they definitely look like superstars.

Fox released the official promo photos of the top 17 on Wednesday morning, and they're a major improvement over those usual generic, blue-background "American Idol" pics that look like they were shot in some kiosk down at the local mall. Some of these new pro shots even look like they could be the cover art for the albums that these contestants obviously hope to release shortly after "The X Factor" is over.

You can check out all of the contestants' promo pics HERE, but below are the most dramatic makeovers of the bunch. Do these photos have the X factor?


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At her first audition, this fresh-scrubbed 13-year-old said she'd spend her $5 million in prize money on a bigger Crow family home, because as a girl, she needs her own bathroom. Well, it looks like she's been doing a lot of private bathroom primping lately! Rachel has stunningly tranformed from a Radio Disney-style moppet into Janelle Monae's supercool mini-me, and it's an edgy look that suits the standout contestant's plucky personality perfectly.


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The problem with Melanie before was she sounded like a diva, but didn't quite look the part. My, how things have changed. Now Melanie practically seems like the American equivalent of "X Factor U.K." winner Leona Lewis. The wind in the hair is a nice touch, too, making me hope that a giant electric fan will be placed on the edge of the stage at all times when Melanie performs on the live shows.


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Before trying out for "The X Factor," this hard-luck, occasionally homeless funk-rocker only had one item of clothing to his name: his signature bedazzled denim jacket. Now he's bedecked in rock 'n' roll royalty finery worthy of his idol, Mick Jagger.


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Before, this struggling single mom was usually seen on "The X Factor" crying her makeup right off her face. Now she's rocking an old-school, Donna Summery sort of look--with, to quote one Donna song, no more tears. This gorgeous glamour shot looks like it could have been taken in the VIP room of Studio 54 back in the day, with Stacy in full-on vintage diva mode.


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Drew is not a girl, not yet a woman, but this 14-year-old sure looks all grown up in her "after" photo, a far cry from the goofy Bieber Fever-stricken fangirl we saw at her first audition. Now Drew finally has a glossy style to match her surprisingly sophisticated voice.

[photos courtesy of Fox]

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