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Blake Lewis & BT Team Up For New Viral Video

Lyndsey Parker
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In case you needed more evidence that Season 6 runner-up Blake Lewis is one of the cooler and more envelope-pushing artists ever to come out of "American Idol," over the past weekend he released a new music video for his song "She Loves The Way," featuring his friend, mentor, and idol: electronic auteur BT.

A futuristic beatbox opus authored by Blake's hip-hop alter ago "B-Shorty," the origins of this collaboration actually date back to 2005, when Blake opened for BT at Seattle's now-defunct Element club (long before he even auditioned for "Idol"). Blake recently told "Idol" fansite "This song came about from my days as a freestyle vocalist--many nights spent at open mics, clubs in Seattle, just making songs up for people. One night my friend Reggie Watts came over and we jammed for a couple hours in my studio. One of the melodies stuck out and I decided to work on it....I started singing this song everywhere and it became almost a theme for me....Back then I went by B-Shorty. This song is a B-Shorty classic and it's the track that [BT] fell in love with when I first opened for him."

Check out Blake & BT's "She Loves The Way" video below, and visit Blake's official YouTube channel often to check out future posts (featuring more special guests TBA). You'll love his way! 

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