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Breakdancing With The Stars!

Lyndsey Parker
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I've always loved watching Dancing With The Stars, but I've never really thought it was that hip of a show. DWTS has never been "cool."

If I needed a cool/hip dancing fix, I watched So You Think You Can Dance or America's Best Dance Crew; if I wanted to see Marie Osmond dressed as a giant windup doll, Joey Fatone brandish a lightsaber, or Cloris Leachman flash her octogenarian cleavage, I watched Dancing With The Stars.

This was an arrangement that worked out for a good long time...

However, with So You Think You Can Dance or America's Best Dance Crew both currently on hiatus, I am thrilled--and quite shocked--to report that last night, DWTS delivered my hipness fix. Not only was SYTYCD alum Lacey Schwimmer spared from elimination on last night's results show, but the episode featured the series' biggest, baddest performance number, "Dancing Through The Decades. And it was genuinely cool.

From the pompadoured James Brown impersonator to the electric-boogalooing '80s breakdancers to the "dancers of the future" in their Daft Punk robo-helmets and Kanye West shuttershades, this "Decades" routine was just awesome:

Of course, DWTS's coolness quotient is sure to nosedive faster than Lance Bass's West Coast Swing tumble...because next week the decidedly unhip Michael "Lord Of The Dance" Flatley will serve as a guest judge. But maybe, just maybe, Cloris Leachman will do some "futuredancing" or Susan Lucci will moonwalk next week. You never know, because clearly this show is full of surprises...

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