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Britbert Alert! New Spears Video Is Basically “If I Had Miracles For Your Entertainment”

Lyndsey Parker
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Adam Lambert has long been an avowed and outspoken fan of Miss Britney Spears. And so, if the old adage is true that imitation is the best form of flattery, then Adam ought to be extremely flattered by Britney's new "Till The World Ends" video, which premiered today. While I'm NOT saying that Britney deliberately ripped him or anyone else off (I honestly don't give her that much credit), there is some undeniable similarity between her new party-at-Ground-Zero clip and three of Glambert's past vids.

Basically, take the post-apocalyptic cityscape of Adam's 2012 movie video "Time For Miracles"...


...then add the Bacchanalian blowout of his Burning-Man-relocates-from-the-desert-to-the-forest video, "If I Had You"...

...and set it in the neon-lit, thunderdomed, underground discotheque of "For Your Entertainment"...


 ...and voila, you get "Till The World Ends":

So, all I want to know is...when will the inevitable--and inevitably awesome--"Britbert" mashup show up on YouTube?

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