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Carly Smithson Finally Has A Hit

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Financing a music video with more windy special effects than the director's cut of Twister: $250,000

Marketing an artist who sells only 370 albums: $2.2 million

Getting on American Idol: PRICELESS

Hey all. As I'm sure you all know by now, back in 2001 Carly Hennessy--or Carly Smithson, or Carly Hennessmithson, whatever you want to call her--released a $250K video rather inaptly titled "I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind." (From the looks of it, $249,000 of that budget was spent on a wind machine.)

I say "inaptly" because, as many articles (including one in Reality Rocks) have reported, Carly only blew about 370 minds...if the appallingly not-so-high record sales for her album Ultimate High are any indication.

Ah, but what a difference a few years--and a suspicious, controversial placement on television's most popular talent competition--can make.

Outraged interest in the conspiracy-theory-sparking American Idol contestant (who was signed to Randy Jackson's old label, whose song "Just Missed The Train" also appeared on Kelly Clarkson's debut album, etc.) has caused the "I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind" video to skyrocket from spot #999,999 (or thereabouts) on the Yahoo! Music video chart all the way up to the #2 spot:

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Yes, more people have probably seen Carly's six-year-old windblown video in the past week than did in 2001, back when MCA Records was squandering more than $2 million trying to get her on TRL.

So I guess, in a way, Carly's already won, huh?


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