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‘Charm School’ Star Sharon Osbourne To Get Detention?

Lyndsey Parker
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This just in: Sharon Osbourne, that questionably qualified grand-dame governess who earlier this year gave etiquette lessons to Celebreality metal hoochies like Lacey, Frenchie, and Destiney on VH1's Rock Of Love Charm School, is being sued by one of her former flunkies.

Yes, purse-dog-toting, bikini-stuffing, evil-scheming blonde bimbette Megan Hauserman is accusing Professor Osbourne of some not-so-charming behavior, claiming that Sharon pulled her hair, struck her, and scratched her during the making of Charm School.

BBC News reports that Megan is now suing her former metal mentor for battery, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and is seeking a jury trial and punitive damages against Ozzy's missus.

Megan, who has also appeared on the VH1 spinoff show I Love Money and Beauty & The Geek, is probably also seeking another 15 minutes of fame. But that doesn't necessarily mean her accusations against the famously short-tempered Sharon are false.

Sharon Osbourne has yet to comment, of course--but can I just interject my own comment and ask that, if this case goes to trial, VH1 cameras are allowed in the courtroom? I smell another spinoff show: Rock Of Love Night Court!

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