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Chris Medina Joins Fellow ‘Idol’ Semifinalists For Charity Concert Tour

Lyndsey Parker
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"American Idol" fans are no doubt excited about this summer's Idols Live Tour, but for diehards who just can't get enough, there's extra reason to rejoice: Three contestants who didn't make the top 11--Chris Medina, Rob Bolin, and Tim Halperin--will soon be joining forces this year for a tour of their own, reports TMZ. And 95 percent of the tour's proceeds will go to a charity very close to Chris's heart: The Juliana Recovery Fund, benefitting Chris's fiancee, Juliana Ramos, who was gravely injured in a 2009 car accident.

Chris is obviously the best known of this trio. He first grabbed headlines due to Juliana 's heartstring-tugging sob story, and then caused Jennifer Lopez to nearly suffer an on-set meltdown when she was forced to tearfully tell him that he hadn't made the top 24. Chris has since released a single, "What Are Words" (written for him by producer Rodney Jerkins and inspired by Juliana), and has co-penned a just-released song called "Collide" with former "Idol" castmate Jerome Bell.

Rob is one of the most-robbed contestants of Season 10, in my opinion. He started out the season strong, but when the pressure of rehearsing for hours with his ex-girlfriend Chelsee Oaks (whom he'd auditioned with) got the better of him, he basically gave up and blew his chances. This tour--during which Chelsee will hopefully stay at home--will likely give Rob a shot to showcase what he can really do.

Of the three, Tim actually went the farthest on "Idol." He was one of the few standout Los Angeles auditioners, and he made it all the way to the top 24. But when he unwisely chose to sing the forgettable Rob Thomas song "Streetcorner Symphony" on the top 12 boys' live competitive show, he failed to make an impression, and he was voted off. Considering the early promise he showed in Hollywood and Vegas, he should do better now that he's hitting the road.

It will be interesting to see what these contestants can bring to the concert circuit, apart from the "Idol" machine. (This tour is not officially affiliated with Fox or 19 Entertainment.) Now, all I have to say is...can semifinalists Sarah Sellers, Rachel Zevita, Lauren Turner, and Molly DeWolf Swenson go out on their own Idol girls' tour? Just a suggestion...

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