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Clint Jun Gamboa: The Reality Rocks Interview

Lyndsey Parker
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Dive-bar karaoke host Clint Jun Gamboa could sing like no one's bizness, wore rad Mr. Peabody spectacles, had personality for days, and recorded songs for the soundtrack of the ridiculous cult flick The Room. So naturally, he was one of my early favorite contestants of "American Idol" Season 10.

Sadly, the Junebug didn't make it past the top 24 semifinals round, due to several unfortunate factors: The fact that he sang first, in the kiss-of-death spot, on the top 12 boys' night; his apparent bullying of 15-year-old contestant Jacee Badeaux (which was edited out of context to seem way worse than it really was); and the fact that much of America prefers conservative, vanilla contestants over ones with rad glasses and outsized personalities and connections to Tommy Wiseau.

You are tearing me apart, America! (That's a Room in-joke, people.)

Sadly, Clint no longer works at his Strong Beach karaoke club, so I can't go pay it a visit in hopes that I'll get to see him belt out "Superstition" one more time, but happily, he recently came to Yahoo! to chat with me about Jacee-gate, his emotional "Idol" experience, his future career, and, most excitingly, how the heck he ended up with two tunes on The Room's soundtrack.

Do NOT miss Clint's reaction when I whip out my Room program and ask him to autograph it. Watch now:

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