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Cloris Leachman: “I’m Not Leaving!”

Lyndsey Parker
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Maybe it was Cloris Leachman's ill-advised Flavor Flav impression during last night's eye-bleedingly painful-to-watch hip-hop number.

Maybe it was judge Bruno Tonioli's comment last night that she looked more "hip-replacement" than "hip."

Maybe it was fellow judge Carrie Ann Inaba's candid lament over more capable dancer Toni Braxton getting cut last week while Cloris remained on the show, free to dodder through yet another embarrassing routine alongside the long-suffering Corky Ballas.

Maybe the and AARP contingents forgot to vote this week.

Or maybe the voting public just got tired of Cloris's dirty-old-woman shtick.

Whatever the reason, Cloris Leachman was voted off Dancing With The Stars tonight. It took waaaaay too long for her to process this elimination news when host Tom Bergeron announced it, and then she somewhat misguidedly told Carrie, "I know you didn't mean what you said." (Um, I'm pretty sure Carrie DID mean it, actually.)

But overall, Dame Leachman went out with all the class befitting a legendary Oscar-winner. (Yes, kids, before Cloris lost on Dancing With The Stars, she actually once won an ACADEMY AWARD.)

That is, Cloris was behaving classily at first...until she squatted on the floor in some sort of sit-in protest and once again declared, "I'm not leaving!" and added with stalker-like conviction, "I'm going to get a pretty costume and be here next week."

Well, assuming that proper security measures are taken next week to keep Cloris from bumrushing the DWTS set (I suggest the producers at ABC gets those locks changed, pronto), I am pretty delighted that she's been cut from this competition. Because Cloris definitely did NOT deserve to win. However, when I'm watching DWTS next week, I admit I'll probably miss Cloris's comic relief.

But right now, all I feel is actual relief.

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