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Contest Alert! Want To Write A Song For The ‘American Idol’ Finale?

Lyndsey Parker
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"American Idol" has held songwriting competitions before--the Season 6 and 7 coronation songs, "This Is My Now" and "Time Of My Life," were contest winners, in fact--but this season, the show is trying something different. In conjunction with sponsors Coca-Cola Perfect Harmony, "Idol" is inviting fans to help pen a new, original tune that will be performed on the May 25 "American Idol" finale by none other than Taio Cruz, I can exclusively report!

Starting this Wednesday night (March 30) through May 13, aspiring "Idol" songsmiths can go to to hear the opening bit of an unfinished Taio tune, and then add lyrics to it to help complete each verse. There will be four submission phases, after which fans will vote among the top three finalists. Then the winning version of the song will be the one that Taio performs on the "Idol" finale!

"Songwriting can be an individual journey or a cooperative effort, and I've done it both ways," says Taio. "But creating a new song, with the input of music that takes the experience to a completely new place, and I'm ready to get it started."

Adds host Ryan Seacrest: "'American Idol' auditions are proof that many of our fans have a passion and desire to sing professionally. What 'Idol' doesn't get to explore on camera are the many talented songwriters that exist as well. Coca-Cola has created a very exciting and innovative program that, for the first time, gives fans the opportunity to work with a top artist to create a new song that will be performed live in front of millions of people."

Go to starting Wednesday night to try your luck! May the best songwriter win...

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