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Corey Haim: The Thrills Are Gone

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

A couple of years ago, Irish powerpoppers (and onetime Bait Shop house band on The O.C.) the Thrills asked the musical and perhaps semi-rhetorical question, "Whatever Happened To Corey Haim?"

You can watch their query here:

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Well, thanks to the wannabe-Odd Couple, barrel-bottom-scraping show The Two Coreys (the second season of which premiered last night on the network whose initials supposedly stand for "Arts" and "Entertainment") the Thrills will never be able to perform this song in concert again, as it has been rendered completely moot.

The main answer to the Thrills' once-relevant musical question regarding Mr. Haim's humble existence is "not a whole helluva lot," but other appropriate answers, all revealed in The Two Coreys, include:

1) He never quit smoking.

2) He never got married.

3) He ironically never got a driver's license, despite his convincing star turn in License To Drive.

4) He gained a few pounds and turned 35.

5) He was cut out of the cast of The Lost Boys 2.

Thrills, I hope these were the all-important answers you were looking for.

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