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Crooked Cake, Crooked Cake: Pavement’s Epic ‘Ace Of Cakes’ Episode

Lyndsey Parker
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If there are two things I can't enough of in this world, it's indie rock and cake. Seriously, when I'm not listening to classic '90s albums from the Matador Records catalog, I'm probably eating a can of frosting for dinner. Or maybe doing both at the same time! So I got my just desserts this week (heh), when iconic, ironic slacker band Pavement received what is surely the sweetest honor any musical act could hope for: They starred in their own episode of "Ace Of Cakes." 

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On last night's epic episode from the final season of the Food Network show, the charming culinary geniuses over at Baltimore's Charm City Cakes created a cake in Pavement's honor, and in celebration of the group's recent reunion.  It seems "AoC's" Duff Goldman and his fellow hipster pastry chefs are, perhaps unsurprisingly, major Pavement fans, and they could find no better way to express their affection for the group than by saying it with frosting.

"This was us saying, 'Because we think you're awesome and we're stoked that you're going to be playing this show, we want to make a cake," Duff told Spin. "'And if we can use our evil powers of persuasion, we'd love to make you a cake so we can come and see the show.'"

This Pavement pastry was a show in and of itself, a magnificent, architectural, horse-shaped sculpture inspired by the equestrian artwork of the band's greatest-hits album Quarantine The Past, with a "mud-slide" flavor that was a nod to their 1991 EP track "Debris Slide." It looked almost too awesome to eat, but after the "Ace Of Cakes" bakers drove their sugary masterpiece all the way from Baltimore to New York's Central Park Summerstage to present it to the band backstage, the "Cut Your Hair" rockers happily cut the cake.

Man, I'd wish I'd been there to get a piece. Mark my words: When I finally host my dream theme party one day, Pavement will be the house band, and Duff's crew will be baking me a replica of this confectionary masterpiece.



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