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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Jumps The Shark!

Lyndsey Parker
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It is an established fact that the addition of second-stringer Ted McGinley to any TV cast results in the certain downfall of any television show.

Happy Days, The Love Boat, Dynasty, Married With Children...the guy has ruined so many programs--or has been recruited in so many unsuccessful last-ditch attempts to salvage already-ruined TV programs--that he has his own category on

So now it's been announced that Ted, the "patron saint of sharkjumping," will be a cast member on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

What's next? Is Darren #2 from Bewitched going to sign up? (Yes, I KNOW both Bewitched Darrens have passed away, people; I'm just trying to make a point.) What about Bo from Welcome Back Kotter or baby Andy from Family Ties or Oliver from The Brady Bunch? They're all still alive, and probably not doing much these days...

Anyway, the one hope for saving DWTS from McGinley Syndrome is Lacey Schwimmer. The So You Think You Can Dance alum has signed on for DWTS, and luckily she's not going to be paired up with Ted, but with *NSYNC's Lance Bass. Ted will be dancing with some newcomer named Inna Brayer and will probably be eliminated in week one, while I am making an early prediction that Lacey and Lance will dance away with the season 7 title.

And then happy days will be here again.

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