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Danny Noriega: Still TMTH!

Lyndsey Parker
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With all the David-vs.-David fuss going on right now, it's easy to forget all about Danny Noriega.

Well, I never forgot about him. I've seriously missed him ever since he narrowly escaped making the top 12; AmIdol just hasn't been nearly as interesting or entertaining without his haughty headsnaps and textese talk.

Well, Danny reared his perfectly, asymmetrically coiffed head on the TV Guide Channel's Idol Chat last night, and of course he was as absolutely fabulous as ever. Watching his outrageous interview, I could only daydream about how much more exciting this week could've been if Danny had made it to the finale. Simon would have been even more bug-eyed and tongue-tied than he was during Fantasia's number last week!

Check out Danny's awesomely gossip-girly chat with Rosanna and Kimberly here (someone WAS likin' it, and that someone was ME!):

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You know, that's pretty uncool that Danny didn't get an invite to the finale. Maybe the Idol producers are afraid he'd upstage the two finalists. Anyway, I'd gladly take him as my date...but I already promised my extra ticket to my mom. TMTH!

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