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Danny Noriega’s Debut Video: TMTH!

Lyndsey Parker
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Regular Reality Rocks readers know by now that Adam Lambert has filled the gaping Noriega-shaped hole in my heart created when Danny was tragically cut from American Idol last season. But now that Azuza's finest, Danny Noriega himself, is back with his first single and video "24/7" (finally!!), I've decided that there's room in my life, DVR, and iPod for two guylinered, out-and-proud Idols.

This despite the fact that in "24/7," Danny fiercely claims he's "no American Idol" at all and minces NO words when dissing the show. Oh snap!

But come on...would I expect or want anything less from the headflipping, textese-talking boy toy who sassed back to Simon; bitterly complained to Kimberly Caldwell on the TV Guide Channel about not being invited to the season 7 Idol finale; was controversially seen on YouTube spouting X-rated Xmas greetings; and after his Idol elimination found a fast friend in TV's number-one rabblerousing rebel, Rosie O'Donnell?

True, Danny doesn't quite have Adam Lambert's vocal range (who does?)...but on the pleasingly Kylie/Britney-esque "24/7," he makes up for it with ATTITUDE, baby, ATTITUDE! This guy has so much attitude, he makes Adam Lambert look like Scott MacIntyre.

And I for one am LIK-ing it (insert headflip here) a whole lot.

So in answer to Noriega's musical question below, "Who's gonna buy my drinks?"...the cocktails are on me, Danny. Bottoms up!

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