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David Cook Inadvertently Fakes Death, Lives To Rock Again In New Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Crossword puzzle enthusiast David Cook proudly declared himself a "word nerd" during his Season 7 "American Idol" run, and he indulges this side of his personality in his brand-new video for "The Last Goodbye," as he broodingly scribbles in spiral notebooks, in newspapers, and on pizza boxes.

His scrawls are just lyrics for the video's titular song, of course--but a series of "Three's Company"-style misunderstandings leads the world to think they're beachside suicide notes, and that he has drowned...and the Idol community mourns.

Sounds morbid, yes--Cook fans are probably freaking out just imagining their Idol landing in a watery grave (a scary headline in one of those newspapers). But fear not: David survives to rock again, and the video has a very funny, very cute ending.

David lives! What do you think of his long-awaited new video?

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