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David Cook: The Reality Rocks Interview, Pt. 2

Lyndsey Parker
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In the second instalmment of Reality Rocks' excellent two-part interview with Season 7 "American Idol" champ David Cook, he goes into further detail about his long-awaited new album, This Loud Morning (piano! sitars! orchestral arrangements! theremin! "cinematic moments"! writing credits on every song!), as well as the two-and-a-half-year wait for the follow-up to 2008's David Cook.

"I took the time to get this album right," he says. "It would've been really easy to get a bunch of writers to submit songs and have another album out in four months and be done, but I didn't want to do that because I felt it shortchanged not only myself but my fans. They've been extremely patient, but I think they've been really understanding of why....Now June 28th [the album's release date] can't come soon enough!"

But more importantly, David addresses media-perpetrated fallacies that he's not actually that successful. Despite selling 1.4 million albums and more than 2 million singles, David is often cited--wrongly--as an example of "Idol's" sales slump, and this image problem is seriously baffling.

David is baffled himself. "I guess it's because, people are like, 'He's not in magazines, he's not on TV all the time!' But to me those kind of things are always goals have always been to play good shows and make good records, and everything will fall into place. And really, those [sales] numbers kind of prove my point."

OK, now that it's been clarified that David IS successful, who better to give the Season 10 "Idol" contestants advice on making songs their own? While the ever-humble David is still hesitant to take credit for all the doors he opened on "Idol" ("I do kind of feel like maybe I hit on something....I think to say I'm not cognizant of a little bit of shift would be dishonest, but I'd be completely asinine to take credit for other people's success")...let's face it, his Season 7 performances like "Hello" and "Billie Jean" did raise the bar for "AI." So David has some wise words. "They're all kind of leveling out, and I'd love to see someone really step up and separate themselves," he says of this season's bunch. "And I think in order to do that they're going have to say, "Look man, this is my voice, and I'm doing it."

Hear David's own voice in part 2 of his interview below!

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