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Dee Snider: The Reality Rocks Interview

Lyndsey Parker
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Ozzy Osbourne started the trend with his groundbreaking show "The Osbournes," and then other musicians (Reverend Run, Gene Simmons, Travis Barker, MC Hammer, Bret Michaels, even the Jacksons) launched their own at-home reality shows chronicling their respective eccentric families. Some of these shows were more entertianing than others--because let's face it, a few of those families were just too "normal" (read: boring) for TV. I mean, if I want to spend my prime time with some (relatively) normal suburban family, I'll just go home and hang with my own 'rents in the San Fernando Valley, right?

Luckily, a new dysFUNctional family reality show is premiering on A&E this week: "Growing Up Twisted," starring the Sniders. As in, the family of almighty '80s headbanger Dee Snider. This will be good TV, people. Dee's already proved he's got the reality-rockin' goods on shows like "Gone Country" (on which he was totally robbed by undeserving winner Julio Iglesias Jr., and nearly urinated on by a sleepwalking Bobby Brown); "Rock The Cradle" (a second-generation talent show in which Dee's eldest son and now "Growing Up Twisted" co-star, Jesse Blaze, came in second to Kenny Loggins' progeny); "Celebrity Duets" (on which he sang with comedian Hal Sparks); and, most recently, "America's Got Talent" (on which Dee awesomely made a surprise appearance belting out "I Wanna Rock" alongside Constantine Maroulis and the "Rock Of Ages" Broadway cast).

Yes, Dee Snider is must-see TV.

I recently had the thrill of speaking to the always outspoken Dee about his new reality television venture, but of course I also managed to ask him about his past reality TV appearances and rumors of him possibly filling Simon Cowell's seat on "American Idol." Check out our four-part conversation below, along with a sneak-preview clip of "Growing Up Twisted." It's obvious Dee's still hungry, and still twisted, after all these years.

Part 1 - Dee discusses "Growing Up Twisted"

Part 2 - Dee on his wife and kids

Part 3 - Dee on his other reality shows

Part 4 - Dee on replacing Simon Cowell

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