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Dia Frampton Debuts New Music Video, Hair Extensions

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Dia Frampton rocks a new Rapunzel look

"The Voice" runner-up Dia Frampton has just released her first post-show single, "The Broken Ones," and I must say the lovely folk-pop power ballad is growing on me--just like Dia's hair seems to have grown about 22 inches since "The Voice's" April finale, judging by her appearance in the song's new video.

All kidding aside, while it's a little disconcerting to see the formerly bobbed Dia sporting what appears to be an Ann Wilson wig, she does look and sound gorgeous in her "Broken Ones" video. And the song remains steadfastly true to the signature sound she cultivated on "The Voice" with her "Heartless" and "Losing My Religion" covers and her original song "Inventing Shadows"--the latter of which went to number one on iTunes. So it's a nice relief to learn that Dia's musical style didn't undergo a makeover too.

The video stars a pack of Dia-lookalike doe-eyed, brunette indie girls (some of whom are actually her sisters, including her Meg & Dia bandmate Meg--there sure is some strong DNA in that Frampton family), as well as an army of Lord Of The Flies-style warring boys who end up bloodied and broken by the clip's dramatic end. The video is unique, quirky, and just a little dark--just like Dia herself.

Check out "The Broken Ones" below. Dia's debut solo album, Red, comes out December 6.

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