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Does Simon Cowell Really Not Believe His Own Hype?

Lyndsey Parker
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The general consensus among "American Idol" fans is that as long as jester/judge Steven Tyler remains on board, the show will go on just fine without Simon Cowell. But for those still jonesing to see Sir Simon on the small screen--and are too impatient wait until "The X Factor U.S." premieres this fall--probably the only person in show business more powerful than Simon, Oprah Winfrey, came to the rescue this week. She dedicated an hour-long episode of her OWN Network's "Master Class" series to the tight-T-shirted impresario's illustrious career, and on the show, the Simon was surprisingly humble.

On "Master Class," the supposedly megalomanical ex-"Idol" judge discussed his many ups and downs, including the disastrous signing of a wannabe Spice Girls ensemble called Girl Thing and the time he left the States with his "tail between his legs" after he initially unsuccessfully pitched "American Idol" in a TV network meeting.

In a bit of shocker, he also advised would-be music biz honchos to "never believe their own hype." (Jennifer Lopez, I sincerely hope you were watching and listening to what the man had to say. As usual, Simon was right here.)

Watch highlights from Simon's "Master Class" episode below. You might even learn something. At the very least, even if you're not missing Simon on "Idol" right now, it'll get you excited all over again for "The X Factor."

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