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Don’t You Forget About David Cook: He’s Back With Season 10′s ‘Idol” Goodbye Song!

Lyndsey Parker
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Season 7 "American Idol" winner David Cook has been out of the spotlight for a minute, working hard on his long-awaited new album. But this week he's re-reared his handsomely spiky-haired head by releasing a surprise single, which just so happens to be the new farewell song of "Idol's" 10th season.

This is awesome news. We all remember what recording the official "Idol" goodbye theme did for Daughtry (whose "Home" soundtracked the castoffs' farewell packages in Season 6), or Daniel Powter (who'd still be an unknown if it wasn't for his "Bad Day" being featured week after week during Season 5; it eventually became the number-one song for all of 2006). So what better promotion could Cook get?

But you know what's even MORE awesome? David's goodbye theme is a cover of Simple Minds' Breakfast Club smash "Don't You Forget About Me." I love me some '80s Cook (I do believe he's the only "Idol" contestant to ever cover Duran Duran, for instance), and since I've been dreaming of a John Hughes Night on "Idol" for a while now, this may be the closest thing I'll get.

Hey, I'll take it! David's Simple Minds cover is so rad, it makes me want to step into some brown leather knee-high Claire boots and dance on a detention-room desk like this.

"Don't You Forget About Me" will be available March 8 on iTunes--not coincidentally, the day that the first Season 10 "Idol" finalist gets voted off. But if you pre-order David's upcoming album HERE, you'll get a free download of the song NOW.

All I ask is, can the director who masterminded this Brat Pack-inspired Blake Lewis viral video direct the video for David's new single, too?

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