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Ever Wonder What Happened To ‘Idol’ Hopeful Molly DeWolf Swenson?

Lyndsey Parker
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One of the biggest things that bugged me about "American Idol" this season was its editing during the audition rounds. I mean, the producers made us get all attached to/psyched about early favorites like Sarah Sellers, Scott Dangerfield, Emily Anne Reed, and the Gutierrez brothers, but then when it came time for the Hollywood and Vegas Weeks, they left those contestants' footage on the editing room floor, with little or no explanation as to why these promising contenders were cut. Soooo frustrating. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the Fox footage vault...

Anyway, one of the most egregious omissions was that of Molly DeWolf Swenson. This Obama intern's audition was pretty memorable (it's not every day that a coltish supermodel type with a Harvard degree and connections to the White House walks into the "Idol" audition room, or gets bopped in the face by an overexcitedly high-fiving Randy Jackson)...but in case you've forgotten her, here's a refresher:

Molly actually made it all the way to the Vegas/top 60 rounds this year, but you would've never known that from Season 10's editing hack job; after her first audition, we bizarrely never saw nor heard from her again. So when I found out that Molly had recently relocated to Los Angeles, I invited her to Yahoo! to get a little more screen time, tell me all about what "Idol" viewers didn't get to see in Hollywood and Las Vegas, and share some conspiracy theories about why she and some other talented hopefuls didn't make it further. Enjoy!


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