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Exclusive: See The Tween Stars of ‘Majors & Minors’ Chat with Avril Lavigne

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

After a brief hiatus, The Hub TV Network's underage singing competition "Majors & Minors" is back in a new-and-improved Sunday night timeslot, and this coming Sunday the talented tweens and tots on the show will be mentored by an artist who got her start when she was just a kid herself: Avril Lavigne.

Exclusive clips of other mentors--including Jordin Sparks,, Jennifer Hudson, and Adam Lambert--will be featured in future Reality Rocks posts, but right now, here's a cute clip of Avril hanging with the "Majors & Minors" kids and answering their burning showbiz questions. Can any of them follow in her Doc Martens-shod footsteps? You be the judge...


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