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EXCLUSIVE: See the Tween Stars of ‘Majors & Minors’ Chat with Adam Lambert

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Adam visits 'Majors & Minors' [photo: The Hub]

The Hub TV Network's underage singing competition "Majors & Minors" has so far brought in an impressive lineup of celebrity mentors, including Leona Lewis, Brandy, and Avril Lavigne. But perhaps none has given them such sound show business advice as a star who got his own big break on a reality show, "king of stage presence" Adam Lambert.

"Just pretend I'm not here," Adam sweetly told the starstruck tweens of the show, some of whom were acting like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and Elmo had just walked arm-in-arm onto the set when Adam appeared. But of course, that was impossible; even in a light-makeup look reminiscent of his first "Idol" audition, Mr. Lambert exhibited a major presence that these minors could not ignore.

But soon things got serious, as Adam offered these budding superstars some really great advice about branching out artistically. "One of the things that's sometimes frustrating about the music industry is everybody tries to put all these artists into a box," the hard-to-pigeonhole singer told them. "Not everybody is a restaurant, 'Oh, he's Elvis mixed with Freddie Mercury with a side of Marilyn Manson.' Don't limit yourself to that. Don't tie yourself to some other previous artist or lock yourself into a sound."

Adam also told the kids to mind their manners--advice surely their parents would appreciate--saying, "Half of this business is relationships or friendships and the way you conduct in rehearsal or meeting other musicians...a lot can happen in the business because of a favor."

Watch Adam offer his glittery pearls of wisdom to the "Majors & Minors" cast in the exclusive clip below. The full episode will air on The Hub this Sunday!

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