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F*** Yeah! Cee Lo Green To Judge On ‘The Voice’

Lyndsey Parker
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There are so many singing competitions on reality television nowadays, it's getting difficult to even tell them apart. That's why I barely looked up from my TV set when it was announced that NBC, the network that brought us the off-season series "The Sing-Off" (which just got renewed for a third go-'round), was premiering a new talent show, "The Voice," in April.

But THEN it was confirmed today that none other than Cee Lo Green will serve as a judge on the show! This changes everything!

Oh yeah, Maroon 5's Adam Levine will be one of the other judges. That's nice. But did I mention CEE LO is involved? Huzzah!

"These amazing artists are the perfect inspiration for our contestants to look up to as they begin their journeys from 'voices' to true artists--and any hopeful singer would be incredibly lucky to have either one as their coach," NBC exec Paul Telegdy said in a statement.

Dang straight, they're lucky. Cee Lo had one of the biggest hits of 2010--a song that earned multiple Grammy nominations, was covered by Gwyneth Paltrow on "Glee," and was crooned by a band of Jim Henson puppets at the Grammy Awards--with a chorus that quite gleefully celebrated the once-forbidden F-word. Cee Lo also likes dressing up as a lost cast member from The Wizard Of Oz, Grease, Wayne's WorldA Clockwork Orange, and Star Wars. All of this is awesome. So what better inspiration could these "Voice" kids have?

"Being a coach on 'The Voice' is a substantial responsibility, and I take it with sincerity and distinction," Cee Lo also said, in an all-too-politely worded statement, today.

Man, I hope that by "taking it with sincerity and distinction," Cee Lo means "wearing Elton John rainbow-feathers, performing with Muppets, and acting crazier than an off-the-wagon Steven Tyler." Because Cee Lo has a "substantial responsibility" to entertain here--and I know he'll deliver, as long as the NBC censors don't get too skittish.

"The Voice" premieres Tuesday, April 26 at 9pm on NBC. Set your DVRs now.

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