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Fans Raise $8,000 To Fund ‘Idol’ Semifinalist Tim Halperin’s Indie Video

Lyndsey Parker
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Tim Halperin, one of the few decent auditioners on "American Idol" Season 10's Los Angeles episode (aka The Worst Episode Ever), seemed to have everything going for him: a flirtatious chemistry with judge Jennifer Lopez, the kind of dreamy boyish looks that light up tween and cougar voters' cell phones, and a solid voice. But then when he got to the top 24, he decided to sing a forgettable Rob Thomas song on the live show...and his "Idol" run came to an unexpectedly early end.

But Tim made quite a few fans during his short time on "Idol," fans so loyal that they pooled their resources online to help fund his new independent video for "The Last Song," a tune he actually performed for the "Idol" judges during Season 10.

Said Tim in a press release: "The response from my fans--more than $8,000 in donations--has been overwhelming. This is truly a testament to the power of independent collaboration, apart from a major label or 'American Idol,' and I'm excited for everyone to see the finished product."

Check out the impressive finished product below, with looks like it cost way more than $8,000. The song is also available as a free download at, and will be on Tim's indie album scheduled for September.

Clearly Tim Halperin has not sung his last song.

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