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Fantasia, For Real? Troubled Idol Announces Pregnancy

Lyndsey Parker
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Well, it looks like the plot will thicken even more during the third season of Fantasia Barrino's hit VH1 reality series, "Fantasia For Real." After Season 2 detailed the "American Idol" winner's breakup from her then-married boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, and the subsequent fallout (her emotional breakdown and attempted suicide), this weekend Fantasia announced onstage at a charity concert that she is pregnant--and while she didn't say who the baby's father is, it very well may be Antwaun, with whom she was recently spotted vacationing while sporting a sizable baby bump.

"You are the first that I share this news with," Fantasia announced during a July 31 benefit show at the opening of the Riverview Apartments in Jacksonville, Florida, as she placed her hand on her belly. "And I share this with you because I can relate to you. For a while I walked around thinking, 'What will they say? What will they think about me?' But now I tell you, I don't live my life for folk. So I tell you, this child that I carry, God has given me this child, and I don't have to hide it from none of y'all!"

Interestingly, last year during Antwaun's divorce proceedings with his now-ex-wife in a North Carolina court, Fantasia shockingly confessed that she had gotten pregnant by Antwaun and had had an abortion around the time of her infamous suicide attempt. This makes her new pregnancy announcement even more of a surprise. (Fantasia has a 10-year-old daughter, Zion, from a previous relationship.)

I'm happy that Fantasia seems happy, and I hope things work out for her now, after what has been an extremely difficult period in her life. I cannot help but scratch/shake my head over some of Fanny's dubious life decisions, but I wish her--and Antwaun, or whoever the father is--the best of luck. She may need it.

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