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Flavor Of Love: Don’t Believe The Hype

Lyndsey Parker
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OK, I honestly don't think anyone with an IQ higher than, say, that of the average Flavor Of Love bachelorette actually believed that Flavor Flav was seriously searching for a soulmate during the three seasons of his trainwrecky VH1 dating show. Just like no one really believed that queen of the cougars Brigitte Nielsen was really going to dump her much younger, much hotter fiancé, Mattia, for Flav on the season finale of Strange Love.

But on last night's Flavor Of Love 3 reunion special, when Flav parted ways with his most recent Flavor Of Love boo, Thing 2, to propose marriage to his offscreen love interest, babymama Liz...well, that was just too much.

See, according to Wikipedia, Flav and Liz were actually engaged before season 3 even went into production, and Flav only went through with the show because he had "already cashed the check given to him by VH1 and was required to fulfill his contractual obligations." I don't know if Wikipedia's source is legit, but I do feel that when it comes to Flavor Flav and his show, you can't truss it.

Of course, Flav claims it was the agonizing and soul-killing process of speed-dating lesser women like New York, Pumkin, Buckwild, and Saaphyri that made him realize what a good woman he had waiting for him at home. And while that argument has some merit, Liz's utter lack of surprise when Flav proposed to her last night indicated that their engagement had been a done deal for some time now. Liz may be a good mother, but she's not such a great actress. Not too dramatical, Liz!

Anyway, I do wish Flav and Liz luck (Flavor's doing the right thing, and will probably be better off with the mother of his youngest child, Karma, than with some hoochie named Bunz or Hotlanta). But I still think it's kind of uncool for him to dupe any woman on the show who was foolish enough to think she had a chance at becoming Mrs. Flav...or any viewer foolish enough to think Flav's love for Thing 2 was the real thing.

Let's hope the money Flav got from VH1's rumored cashed check will be spent on important things--like diapers for Karma, or nice family home for him and Liz that looks nothing like his former hoochie-filled TV mansion. And let's hope there really WON'T be a post-divorce season of Flavor Of Love 4.

Now...bring on the Flavor Flav Wedding Special, VH1!

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