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From Adam To Kris: The ‘Best Week Ever’ Appearance

Lyndsey Parker
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Like many American Idol diehards--Adam Lambert fans and Kris Allen fans alike--I have enjoyed watching the bromance unfold between Idol's top 2. While the two very different singers' polarized fanbases have continued to catfight throughout the blogosphere (including on the very active Reality Rocks messageboards), Kradam have been peacefully male-bonding all over America during their Idol promo media blitz, giving endearing joint interviews and even occasionally wearing matching black nail polish in a show of solidarity.

And so, as fans follow Kradam's example, the post-Idol healing begins.

The pair's latest appearance on VH1's Best Week Ever just might be, well, their best appearance ever. I of course expected Adam to have great comedic timing, given his background in professional theater...but who knew Kris was such a cut-up, too?

Watching these entertaining BWE clips makes me wish Kradam would just star in their own delightful summer-romp comedy flick--a la season 1 finalists' From Justin To Kelly, except not sucky:

Yay, capes!

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