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‘Glee Project’ Runner-Up Lindsay Pearce Wows on ‘Glee’

Lyndsey Parker
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Lindsay Pearce was hardly my favorite contestant on "The Glee Project," the Oxygen Network's televised talent search for new "Glee" cast members, so I wasn't too thrilled when it was announced that, despite her losing, she would still receive a two-episode story arc on "Glee's" third season.

But then I saw Lindsay perform on Season 3's "Glee" premiere Tuesday night. And I changed my mind about her. This little lady's a star, and a born Gleek.

I have to say, Lindsay out-Berry'd the one and only Rachel Berry here. Ryan Murphy created the perfect role for perfectionist Lindsay--Harmony, the ex-Gerber Baby who's been acting "since I was a fetus"--and I am hoping that on Lindsay's second episode, Hamony and Rachel will engage in a sing-off to end all sing-offs. I'm not sure Lea Michele would actually emerge unscathed...

Lea Michele, be afraid. Be very afraid. You may have met your match.

[top photo courtesy of Oxygen]

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