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Go Backstage With the ‘X Factor’ Boys

Lyndsey Parker
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Tuesday night on "The X Factor," the top 17 became the top 12. And it is a very strong top 12. While certain contestants are early frontrunners--either based on strong first auditions, a disproportionate amount of screentime, or excellent performances this week on the first live show--really, almost all of them have a decent chance of winning this thing. It will certainly be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Backstage after Tuesday's big broadcast, I got the chance to talk with the Boys, one of the stronger categories on the show (L.A. Reid chose well). Click below to see Astro explain where his superhuman confidence comes from, how it feels to be the first MC (not rapper) on a reality singing show, and why people need to stop looking at his mom; Marcus Canty talk about his own mom's two-year deadline and what went through his head when he found out he'd have to cover a Boy George song; and Chris Rene discuss his recovery and if he feels like he's a role model for others strugging with addiction.


Backstage with the Over-30's

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