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Go Backstage With the ‘X Factor’ Over-30′s

Lyndsey Parker
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Tuesday night on "The X Factor," the top 17 became the top 12. And it is a very strong top 12. While certain contestants are early frontrunners--either based on memorable first auditions, a disproportionate amount of screentime, or excellent performances this week on the first live show--really, almost all of them seem to have a decent chance of winning this thing. It will be fascinating to see how this all pans out.

Backstage after Tuesday's big broadcast, I got the chance to talk with the contestants from arguably the strongest group on the show: Nicole Scherzinger's over-30's. And their age and experience made for some very interesting interviews.

See Stacy Francis discuss her professional past, her beef with Simon Cowell, and why she's not a "church singer"; Josh Krajcik talk burritos, dive bars, how it feels to scare Simon, and why he doesn't care about being "cool"; and LeRoy Bell reveal his anti-aging secrets, in the video below! 


Backstage with the Boys

Backstage with the Girls

Backstage with the Groups


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