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Great Musical Moments In Reality TV: Ad-Rock on ‘Top Chef’

Lyndsey Parker
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Just like those awesome times when the "Ace Of Cakes" pastry chefs baked a cake for alt-rock icons Pavement, Kings Of Leon's Caleb Followill was a judge on "Iron Chef," or Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme appeared on "No Reservations," the guest appearance this week by the Beastie Boys' Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz on "Top Chef: Just Desserts" was a rock 'n' roll recipe for reality foodie fabulousness. Ch-check it out...

During this totally sweet episode, the contestants cooked up sugar-smacking treats, to be served up at a hip-hop-friendly street art exhibit, using ingredients mentioned in the Beasties' tasty classic hits (including a 40-ouncer, pork-&-beans, cheddar cheese, ham, and hot butter). Some of resulting dishes sounded bizarre but decadently delicious, like winner Matt's cornbread-&-mashed-potato cheesecake with whiskey caramel and gravy foam. But others, like the pork-&-bean brownie, ham pecan brittle, and falafel panna cotta, seemed like they'd wreak some serious sabotage on the stomach. Talk about a license to ill!

Still, I personally wouldn't mind giving losing contestant Rebecca's 40-ounce ice cream a try...

While Ad-Rock didn't divulge the special secret-sauce recipe he battled for in the Beasties' "Body Movin'" video, he did whip up his own signature PB&J dish, and it totally hit the spot. I'd dine with Adam Horovitz any day of the week.


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