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Great Musical Moments In Reality TV: David Cassidy & Danny Bonaduce Reunite Onstage

Lyndsey Parker
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Former Partridges David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce are better known these days for their reality TV pursuits (David was the first one fired on the current season of "Celebrity Apprentice," and Danny is famous for his antics on VH1's "Breaking Bonaduce" and "I Know My Kid's A Star"), but the two revisted their most distant, shared television past last Saturday, onstage at the Superstar Theater in Atlantic City.

Danny quite obviously lip-synched and mimed his bass-playing when he was on "The Partridge Family" back in the '70s, but when he joined David this past weekend for a jam on the classic "Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted," he actually played for real. "You wanna see something nobody has ever seen before?" Danny asked the Atlantic City crowd. "Me, plugging in a bass guitar!"

It was only the second time in 40 years that the faux musical siblings had performed live music together (they did so in Philadelphia last fall), and it was just like old times--even if they disappointingly left their matching maroon velvet suits on the old Mondrian bus. "When I realized I was going to get through it without screwing it up, I had a great time," said Danny.

According to the Associated Press, last year David told his former TV baby brother: "It's time you learned how to play the Partridge Family hits." Said Danny: "He knows I don't take dares lightly." Apparently!

Come, get happy, indeed. All that was missing here was little Traci Partridge arrhythmically banging her triangle, Laurie Partridge picking up radio feedback on her braces, and a stressed-out Reuben Kincaid chain-smoking in the stage wings.

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