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Great Musical Moments In Reality TV: ‘Jersey Shore’ Star The Situation Raps

Lyndsey Parker
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After spending Season 1 of "Jersey Shore" having very little luck picking up ladies in Seaside Heights clubs like Karma, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is hoping to change his luck/karma before Season 2 with a chick-magnet club banger of his own. Yes, that's right. To loosely borrow an old phrase from "Jersey Shore's" network, MTV: Yo, the Situation raps.

We got a situation here, indeed.

Sitch's eponymous debut single, no-brainingly titled "The Situation," surprisingly doesn't feature DJ Pauly D on the turntables. I'm personally hoping that snub will lead to at least one Situation/Pauly fistfight and subsequent arrest on a Seaside Heights sidewalk sometime during Season 2 of "Jersey Shore." But anyway, the song does boast some aggressively Autotuned vocals from the abdominized reality star, and some fist-pumping beats from production pros Fatman Scoop, DJ Class, and the Disco Fries.

And of course, Sitch's lyrics about wanting to "drink some Jag" and "take a hottie home," plus the moronically catchy "whoa, whoa, Situation!" chorus, are sure to please the Karma crowd. But will they really impress the ladies? Probably not...and so far, they're certainly not impressing radio DJs or music critics. But hey, at least "The Situation" is a better reality-spawned novelty song than "Real Houswives" attempts "Money Can't Buy You Class" or "Tardy For The Party," or anything Tila Tequila or Heidi Montag ever recorded. It could be worse.

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