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Great Musical Moments In Reality TV: ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny Raps

Lyndsey Parker
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First, "Jersey Shore" abdominizer The Situation released a rap single, no-brainingly titled "The Situation." Then "Jersey's" great pouffed wonder Snooki posted a flipcam video of her lip-synching to Britney Spears. And now the show's arguably cutest and cuddliest castmate, Vinny, has gotten in on the act.

Joining in on the Twitter trending topic "#DrakePunchlines," this weekend Vinny posted an amateur video of him rapping to a Drake song, but not without first tweeting the grammatically incorrect caveat: "im not a rapper so go easy on me just wanna giv u a laugh."

And it was good for a laugh, indeed--I especially appreciated his clever use of a Lysol can as a prop. Ramona was a fool to stand this guy up! With Vinny, she'd always be guaranteed to have a good time:

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