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Great Musical Moments In Reality TV: Josh Homme on ‘No Reservations’

Lyndsey Parker
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Just like those awesome times when the "Ace Of Cakes" pastry chefs baked a cake in honor of '90s alt-rock icons Pavement or when Kings Of Leon's singer Caleb Followill was a guest judge on "Iron Chef," the recent appearance by Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme on "punk rock chef" Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" this Monday was a rock 'n' roll recipe for reality foodie fabulousness.

Following up QOTSA's memorable performance on the Travel Channel's culinary adventure series' 2007 Christmas special, this week Anthony traveled to Homme's home turf, the High Desert in Southern California, for some real Cali cuisine--i.e., BBQ binges, tequila tastings, and hangover-curing Mexican breakfasts. Anthony and Josh's road trip in search of rock 'n' roll eats was a feast for the eyes and, thanks to Homme's music throughout, the ears. And they certainly met some interesting dinner guests along the way.

Incidentally, Anthony is no stranger to '90s alt-rock: The theme song for his show was actually recorded by the almighty Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. If Anthony can ever get Josh and Jon to sit down at a table with him at the same time with the cameras running, I think my mouth might actually water.

Go to for more clips, or to iTunes to purchase Josh's entire "No Reservations" episode. Bon appetit!

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