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Great Musical Moments In Reality TV: Snooki Lip-Synchs For Her Life In Britney Tribute

Lyndsey Parker
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Britney Spears is often criticized for lip-synching onstage, but if she mimed with the fist-pumping panache of "Jersey Shore" starlet Snooki, no one would ever complain.

This week the great pouffed wonder took to her "SnookTV" YouTube page and, for reasons unknown but not to be questioned, posted a bedroom flipcam video of her lip-synching to Britney's early hit "Sometimes." The results are bizarrely compelling. The only thing that would make this clip better would be if Snooki was wearing her famous vision-impairing, rhinestone-encrusted Kanye shades.

This isn't the first time Snooks has showed off her synching skills. A couple months ago, perhaps as a message to all the unworthy guidos she's hooked up with on- and offscreen (Emilio, I'm looking at you), she posted this equally watchable performance of TLC's "No Scrubs":

All I can say is, The Situation--who recently released his own rap single, creatively titled "The Situation"--should take a cue from his castmate and sticking to lip-synching. Snooki's musical performances are far more entertaining.

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