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Great Musical Moments In Reality TV: The Glee Project’s Hammer Time

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Well, "The Glee Project" on the Oxygen Network just keeps getting more gleeful. Few shows, not even the show that inspired it (um, "Glee," duh), can touch it. Proof? This week's "Danceability" episode, on which the remaining nine wannabe Gleeks got jiggy in an old-skool music video for MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This."

Two minutes and six seconds of unabashed early-'90s nostalgia--complete with Dwayne Wayne flip-up shades, piles of gold(-plated) chains, retina-searing flashes of neon, lots of cabbage-patching and running-manning, and, of course, droopy-drawer Hammerpants--the show's cover of the Hammerman's Rick James-sampling mega-jam is more fun than anything I saw on any other reality show this year (other than that apocalyptic Cee Lo/Vicci Martinez "Love Is A Battlefield" duet on "The Voice," that is). I wish the "American Idol" Ford music videos could be this rad.

Gleek out to the clip below. You can't touch this!

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