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Great Musical Moments In Reality TV: Vanilla Ice Dances On Ice

Lyndsey Parker
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Vanilla Ice has become a much speed-dialed number in reality television casting agents' phone books as of late. Over the years he's been a drumkit-wrecking anger management flunky on "The Surreal Life," a makeover-resistant guinea pig on VH1's "Remaking," a Beyonce-imitating comeback king on the celebrity talent show "Baby One More Time," the duet partner of fauxhawked "X Factor" twins John & Edward, and, most recently, the host of the home-improvement show "The Vanilla Ice Project" (one episode of which was brilliantly titled "Nice, Nice Landscaping," seriously). And now, thrillingly, the artist occasionally known as Rob Van Winkle has taken his stage name to heart, on a reality show across the (frozen) pond.

Yes, word to your mother: Vanilla Ice is currently competing on the just-launched season of "Dancing On Ice," the British show that for better or worse inspired America's own "Skating With The Stars." "SWTS" didn't fare all that well ratings-wise here, but that program didn't have Vanilla Ice in a Bedazzler'd tank top and pleather leggings rocking out on blades of glory to Korn's cover of Cameo's "Word Up," did it now? If only the similarly tatted-up reality bad boy Vince Neil had been this charismatic when he was competing on "SWTS"...

"Ice-skating is rock star now," Vanilla Ice declared in a somewhat caveman-like dialect after rocking the ice, ice, baby last night and wowing the "DOI" judges. See Vanilla rock the ice like a vandal, light up a rink and wax a chump like a candle, in his "DOI" debut below:

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