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Guess Corey Clark CAN Get Arrested These Days

Lyndsey Parker
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Man, Corey Clark's career has spiraled so far down the proverbial toilet at this point, his only hope of a comeback now is to secure a spot on that new "Coreys" reality show alongside those fellow fallen Coreys, Feldman and Haim. Because gawd knows he won't be making a cameo on Hey Paula any time soon.

However, if it's true that any publicity is good publicity, then this Federline-esque American Idol reject must have hired Leslie Sloane Zelnick, Elliot Mintz, or some other long-suffering, high-powered PR shill to the stars, because his name is finally back in the news--due to his latest arrest on drug charges, of course. And I thought this guy couldn't GET arrested these days! Heh heh...

Just to recap for those of you who haven't followed the story of Corey, this is hardly the first time he's fought the law. Back when he was still on Idol in 2003, scandal erupted when it was revealed that he'd once assaulted his sister and resisted arrest. He and his many ever-changing, pre-Sanjaya hairstyles subsequently ended up getting kicked off the show, so in order to steal a little thunder from more talented, non-disqualified season 2 finalists (Ruben, Clay, Kimberley, Kimberly, et al), he resorted to "writing" a memoir about his alleged affair with judge Paula Abdul. But, more on that in a sec...

More recently, in 2006, Corey was arrested in Yuma, Arizona, for allegedly trespassing on his father-in-law's residence and for violating a restraining order filed by his estranged wife. (Wait--Corey was MARRIED?? Does Paula know about this???)

Anyhoo, yesterday Corey "Out Of Control" Clark was apprehended again, this time in Arkansas, for possession of marijuana and for having an outstanding warrant issued in his name. Now he's being held in custody until he's extradited back to Arizona to face that outstanding warrant. Seriously, if Paula Abdul really did carry on a fling with this loser, she must've been more hopped up on post-manicure-infection painkillers than when she infamously slurred her way through her infamous, much-YouTubed Good Day L.A. interview.

You know, in light of all this, maybe I ought to get around to finally reading that book of Corey's, They Told Me To Tell Me The Truth. It might be an even more scandalous beach read than the music-celebrity tell-all tome by which all music-celebrity tell-all tomes must be judged, Motley Crue's The Dirt. Unfortch, it's an e-book, self-published on Corey's website...and I really don't want to get sand on my laptop. So I guess I'll just read Taylor Hicks's decidedly more G-rated Heart Full Of Soul instead.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for that expanded series of The Three Coreys to air on the somewhat misleadingly titled A&E network any day now.


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