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Has Flavor Flav Found The Real Thing (2)?

Lyndsey Parker
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In a reality-TV week dominated by the big American Idol and Dancing With The Stars finales, it's easy to forget that the Flavor Of Love 3 finale took place this week as well. Such an oversight is especially understandable considering that FOL stopped being interesting once New York shacked up with Tailor Made and stopped pursuing Flav.

But for those viewers still keeping track of Flavor's lovelife, this week everyone's favorite clock-slinging, Viking-horned bachelor chose Thing 2, the gap-toothed identical twin he eliminated two weeks ago. Flav later reconsidered Thing 2's ousting, flew her out to France last week, and has now officially made her his third FOL boo.

Well, the third time just might be the charm for Flav. Thing 2 seems like a stand-up girl, and Flav must have a genuine connection with her to choose her even after she turned down a "nightcap" with him right before the final elimination. Plus, Flav showed a real commitment to his new lady by somehow finding her a custom gold grill that actually fit her wonky smile. And if the previews from next week's reunion special are to be believed, then it looks like Flav might make a real commitment and actually propose to Thing 2 on that episode.

Hmmm..."Mrs. Thing 2 Flav." That married name has a nice ring to it, huh?

Oh, that scene was probably just some crafty and misleading VH1 editing at work...but either way, congrats to the happy, hip-hoppy couple. Let's hope that their reality-TV wedding really does happen, instead of a shark-jumping season of Flavor Of Love 4. Besides, I for one cannot wait to see Tree revise her psycho-wedding-guest act during the "speak now or forever hold your peace" bit... or to see Sinceeer and Seezinz throw down during that bouquet toss.

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