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I Love ‘I Love Money’

Lyndsey Parker
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Yes, I know I shouldn't love VH1's latest sign-of-the-apocalypse celebreality show. I know that for every minute I gawp at my screen, 50 of my brain cells instantly liquefy into chum...which means by the season's end, this blog will likely be riddled with typos and monosyllabic words.

So, Flowers For Algernon-style, I must get this message out there while I can still harness the brainpower: I love I Love Money.

What's not to love, really? A game show of sorts featuring Flavor Of Love/Rock Of Love/I Love New York D-listers so D-list that even Kathy Griffin herself wouldn't want anything to do with them, I Love Money boasts all the drunken infighting antics of The Real World, icky inedible-eating grossout challenges of Fear Factor and A Shot Of Love With Tila Tequila, no-holds-barred competitive action of American Gladiators, relay-race wackiness of Celebrity Fit Club, jiggle-TV hilarity Of Battle Of The Network Stars, and greed of, well, Greed.

Oh, and did I mention it stars Flavor Of Love/Rock Of Love/I Love New York D-listers? That's an important point. Because on what other show, on what other network, are you going to see "allstars" like Rodeo, Chance, Midget Mac, 12 Pack, The Entertainer, Hoopz, Nibblz, Mr. Boston, Pumkin, Toastee, and Whiteboy in one cast, on one screen? Huh?

Also, the contestants' challenges will be based on famous moments from their fine, Emmy-winning VH1 shows...which means a spitting competition is surely in the works, and Pumpkin will surely ace it. And when the pole-dancing competition gets underway, Nibblz will have that one in the bag.

Please, VH1, when the summer '09 rerun-season lull kicks in, please let there be a season 2 with Sumthin, Buddha, Thing 1 & 2, Sapphyri, Lacey, Hotlanta, Buckwild, Daisy De La Hoya, and the rest of the celebreality D-through-Z-listers. Pretty please?$$%grkltjh#$#@$jh^%$&ggjh*^grkl...

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