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Idol Elimination Night: Carly Gets Cut!

Lyndsey Parker
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From Jason Castro's headscratching Cats song choice to Brooke White's false start, last night's American Idol episode was filled with drama--which I suppose was fitting for a show centered on musical theater legend Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Well, tonight's elimination show was just as dramatical, to borrow an adjective from Reality Rocks fixture Flavor Flav.

Of course, it wasn't particularly dramatic that the Davids, Cook and Archuleta, were summoned by Ryan Seacrest first and told they were safe. After all, no one expected either David to be in the bottom two. (Yes, that's right, the bottom two--no more bottom three at this stage in the game. One of those stools has been returned to the Fox prop closet.)

But then Syesha Mercado and Brooke White were called--and Brooke looked so defeated, like her roller suitcase was already packed and waiting in the hallway a la America's Next Top Model. And the drama ensued.

Believe it or not, despite Brooke's major misstep last night...she was safe. Meanwhile Syesha, one of last night's standouts, still didn't get enough votes to stay out of danger.

And then, out sauntered Jason Castro and Carly Smithson. Now, everyone assumed Brooke would be in trouble tonight, and that turned out to not be the case. But surely Jason, whose "Memory" song selection was so misguided that even Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber himself protested it, would be in the bottom two...while Carly, who had one of her best performances of the season with "Jesus Christ Superstar," would make it through. Right?

Wrong. Jason was safe. I guess much like the cats he sang about last night, the guy's got nine lives. It was in fact Carly who was on the chopping block.

What, was today Opposite Day or something, and I just didn't get the memo? I am neither a massive Syesha or Carly fan, but even I admit that they delivered two of the best performances this week. The Idol producers must have thought so too, as they reminded viewers of this fact by making both girls sing their ALW songs one more time.

And then, Randy Jackson heard Ryan announce the news he'd hoped would never sully his ears: His pet project Carly Smithson had received the fewest votes. She was a goner.

Wow. I think I'm cursing the contestants or something. It seems that just when I start liking them, America disagrees and votes them off. Like, last week I said Kristy Lee Cook was much improved...and she got cut. A while ago I said Ramiele had finally gotten her groove back...and she got axed. This week I praised Carly's "Jesus Christ Superstar" to the high heavens...and poof, now she's history.

Maybe I better start writing every blog like it's Opposite Day, saying all my favorite contestants are terrible. You know, just to make sure I don't curse them too...

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