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Idol Elimination Night: Carry On, Wayward Amanda

Lyndsey Parker
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Listen closely, kids. Hear that? That's the sound of John Lennon and George Harrison rolling in their respective graves.

Seriously, from Amanda inexplicably getting to sing the big "love you make" hook, to the Broadway-style line-formation singalong of the Abbey Road acid-casualty epic "Because," to the awkward moment when Ramiele's mic seemed to be turned off, to David Archuleta ironically singing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" so soon after his stage dad allegedly made him weep...well, tonight's opening Beatles medley had me and probably the rest of America crying out for "Help!"

Enough with the Beatles songs already, OK? Surely by now Nigel Lythgoe must realize that doing a second Fab Four Week wasn't such a fab idea. It's downright tragic to think that uninitiated youngsters unfamiliar with the Beatles may now forever associate this great band's music with travesties like this. So let's hope tonight is the last Beatlesque Idol episode for a while. And let's pray there's no Wings Night, no Traveling Wilburys night, and no Plastic Ono Band Night, either. And for the love of gawd, if Idol does a Ringo Starr Solo Night, I'll never watch this dang show again!

Oh, and it wasn't enough for tonight's show to wreck the Beatles' legacy--it had to ruin a perfectly good Clash song, too, in that Ford promo. Whoever came up with THAT idea is the real person who should've been eliminated tonight. Hear that distinctive rustle in the background? That's the sound of Joe Strummer rolling in his grave as well.

OK, OK, enough of my kvetching. There were some things to cheer about tonight--like the sassy performance by a suspiciously less busty Kellie Pickler, or the fact that my favorite contestants (Brooke White, David Cook, and Jason Castro, and thin-ice-skating Michael Johns) all made it through. True, none of them gave their best performances last night, but none of them deserved to go home just yet. I'm just so relieved that they've made the top 10, as they're now guaranteed a spot on this season's upcoming Idol tour and compilation album! In the words of Danny Noriega...Score!

And another really, really good thing happened tonight: The rock 'n' roll nurse got cut. I would've been even happier if bullet-dodging Kristy Lee Cook, who was also quite justifiably in the bottom two this week, had finally gotten the boot. But hey, Amanda Overmyer simply had to go. And better her than Carly Smithson, who was surprisingly in the bottom three tonight. (Carly's not my fave, but if she'd failed to make the top 10, Randy Jackson might've had a coronary--and that would have been bad, dawg.)

Anyway, good luck, Amanda. Good luck pursuing your fantasy of selling out a local bar in Lafayette. Dare to dream!

The burning question now is, with Danny and Amanda gone, who will Vote For The Worst endorse next? Watch this space...


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